The Yale Center for Comparative Research (CCR) promotes theory-driven, empirically rigorous comparative and historical research into social life.

Participants understand the terms “comparative” and “historical” quite broadly. By design there is no specific temporal, geographical or methodological focus. Some of our participants’ research projects compare countries in different historical periods; other projects take emergent groups, networks, organizations or public policies as their units of analysis.

We use a variety of methods and our collective scientific agenda is open and evolving. Current areas of interest include but are not limited to state formation; empire; social networks; religion and politics; comparative political economy; liberalism; nationalism; the constitution of racial/ethnic and gender identities; patrimonial politics; democracy, law and citizenship; social movements; class formations, and revolutionary transitions.

The CCR’s primary tasks are to train graduate and advanced undergraduate students and to build scholarly dialogue and community. We also sponsor relevant thematic intellectual enterprises, including interdisciplinary conferences and collaborations. These activities range from informal ongoing conversations to articulated research programs and joint publications, in which the faculty and graduate students from various disciplines participate.

The CCR holds a weekly Workshop at which all interested are welcome.