Comparative Research Workshop - Spring 2017

Tuesdays, 12:00p-1:20p

Fellows Lounge, Calhoun College, Ground Floor, Entryway D, Courtyard.

Workshop Schedule and Speakers

January 24
Dolunay Ugur (Yale University)
Habitus and Practices in an Unsettled and Temporary Social Space: The Case of Gezi Park Occupation

January 31
William McMillan (Yale University)
Creating an Interstitial Space in an Urban Religious Field

February 7
Wei Luo (Yale University)
Family Reform Revisited: Women of the Elite Families in Chongqing, 1911-1949

February 14
Kenny Schmitt (Exeter University)
Ramadan in Jerusalem: Transforming Religious Tradition through Settler-Colonialism

February 21
Ann Shola Orloff (Northwestern University)
Farewell to Maternalism, Toward a Gender-open Future: The Transformation of Gendered Labor Policies in Sweden and the US, 1960s – 2010s

February 28
Álvaro Morcillo Laiz (Columbia University)
Money, Knowledge, and Other Means of Domination:The Rockefeller Foundation and the Latin American Social Sciences (1939-1973)

March 7
Florian Stoll (Bayreuth University, Germany; CCS Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University
Global South” in the Singular? A Comparison of Middle-Income Milieux in Urban Kenya and Brazil

March 28     Yujing Zhu, Assistant Professor, East Normal China University
Christianity as Political Rival? Tensions within the Post-Mao State

April 4      Roger Baumann, Sociology, Yale University
Constructing and Contesting the ‘Holy Land’: Christian Pilgrimage as a Multifaceted Social Phenomenon

April 11   Jordan Branch, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Brown University
Technological Change and Territorial Politics: Historical Considerations
co-sponsored with Yale Early Modern Empires Workshop

April 18    Sam Stabler, Sociology, Yale University
Territorializing the Sociology of Religion: Reformulating Parish Space in Puritan New England, 1637-1741

April 25    Rob Jansen, Assistant Professor of Sociology, The University of Michigan
A Conversation about Populism and Historical Sociology