2016-2017 Workshop

Workshop Schedule and Speakers

September 6, 2016    Elisabeth Becker (Sociology, Yale)
“Europe’s Untouchables? Caste, Pollution and Paradigms of Purity in European Mosques”

September 13, 2016   Henning Hillman (Professor of Economic Sociology, University of Mannheim)
“Corsairs and Merchant Networks in Ancien Regime Saint-Malo”

September 20, 2016   Kristin Plys (Sociology, Yale)
“Violence as a Tactic of Social Protest in Postcolonial India: From the Railway Workers’ Strike to the Baroda Dynamite Conspiracy, 1974-6”

September 27, 2016   Huseyin Rasit (Sociology, Yale)
 “’Somebody Has To Do This’: Affective and Moral Dimensions of Socialist Struggle”

October  4, 2016    Lauren Rivera (Associate Professor of Management and Organizations, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern)
[co-sponsored by School of Management; to be held at SOM]   

October 11, 2016     Krishan Kumar (William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Sociology, University of Virginia)

[co-sponsored with Early Modern Empires Workshop]


October 18, 2016     Elena Shih (Assistant Professor, American Studies, Brown University)
 “Benevolent Authoritarians and Free Market Humanitarians: China, Thailand, and the Global Politics of Human Trafficking Rescue”


October 25, 2016     Luke Wagner (Sociology, Yale)
“Waking the Nation: Revival, Reform, and Hindu Nationalism in Nepal”

November 1, 2016     Lars Bo Kaspersen (Professor, Political Science, University of Copenhagen)
“Unfolding Norbert Elias’ Comparative Analysis of a World of Survival Units: Processes and Relations”

November 8, 2016     Edmund Burke III (Professor Emeritus, History, University of California-Santa Cruz)
“France and the Sociology of Islam”

November 15, 2016    Jean-Baptiste Gallopin (Sociology, Yale)
“To the Brink and Back: Dynamics of Polarization and Settlement in Tunisia’s Political Transition (2011-2014)”

November 22, 2016    THANKSGIVING BREAK

November 29, 2016    Mustafa Yavas (Sociology, Yale)
“Framing Struggles: Mapping the Gezi Discourse in Turkish Newspapers”


December 6, 2016     Celene Reynolds (Sociology, Yale)
“Contagious Claims? The Diffusion of Title IX Complaints across Colleges and Universities”


January 24, 2017     Dolunay Ugur (Yale University)
“Habitus and Practices in an Unsettled and Temporary Social Space:  The Case of Gezi Park Occupation”

January 31, 2017     William MCMillan (Yale University)
“Creating an Interstitial Space in an Urban Religious Field”

February 7, 2017     Wei Luo (Yale University)
“Family Reform Revisited:  Women of the Elite Families in Chongqing, 1911-1949”

February 14, 2017     Kenny Schmitt (Exeter University)
“Ramadan in Jerusalem:  Transforming Religious Tradition through Settler-Colonialism”

February 21, 2017     Ann Shola Orlogg (Northwestern University)
“Farewell to Maternalism, Toward a Gender-open Future:  The Transformation of Gendered Labor Policies in Sweden and the US, 1960s - 2010s”

February 28, 2017     Álvaro Morcillo Laiz (Columbia University)
“Money, Knowledge, and Other Means of Domination:  The Rockefeller Foundation and the Latin American Social Sciences (1939-1973)”

March 7, 2017     Florian Stoll (Bayreuth University, Germany; CCS Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University)
“ ‘Global South’ in the Singular? A Comparison of Middle-Income Milieux in Urban Kenya and Brazil”

March 28, 2017     Yujing Zhu, Assistant Professor, East Normal China University
“Christianity as Political Rival? Tensions within the Post-Mao State”

April 4, 2017     Roger Baumann, Sociology, Yale University
“Constructing and Contesting the ‘Holy Land’:  Christian Pilgrimage as a Multifaceted Social Phenomenon”

April 11, 2017     Jordan Branch, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Brown University
“Technological Change and Territorial Politics:  Historical Considerations”
[co-sponsored with Yale Early Modern Empires Workshop]

April 18, 2017     Sam Stabler, Sociology, Yale University
“Territorializing the Sociology of Religion:  Reformulating Parish Space in Puritan New England, 1637-1741”

April 25, 2017    Rob Jansen, Assistant Professor of Sociology, The University of Michigan
“A Conversation about Populism and Historical Sociology”